We would like to present the works of a Master Artist which has been created over the past 15 years. All the works are of the classical Ukrainian school of landscape painting, which are influenced by the subtle sense of the beauty of mother nature and their inspiration from spiritual sources.

 The paintings are created in oil media which the artist has used with great skill and passion.

Art critics’s articles about Oleg Mishchenko:

Paintings of Oleg Mishchenko are notable for vivid colouring. In his works the artist uses mainly pure bright colours skilfully using their combinations. In his paintings we can also see a wide spectrum of perfectly chosen tone solutions due to which the paintings become more realistic and closer to life. Aerial perspective and illusion of space appear that are essential both for true landscapes and realistic painting in whole. Due to peculiar strokes laid on canvas, the distinctive author’s brushwork is noticeable. The master paints both impasto and with transparent lightness, sometimes leaving some fragments of a painting or a sketch blank and untouched. This is one of the characteristic features in the paintings of Oleg Mishchenko. The chosen subjects themselves give the author a clue: which manner to choose and which rhythms to emphasize to make his painting grip a viewer, one’s eyes, one’s thoughts, one’s imagination. Perhaps, that is the main task of a painter and Oleg brilliantly copes with it every time, step by step, in every sketch and in every canvas.

Art critic, Elena Ratcliffe


One-man exhibition: Taras Shevchenko National Museum.

The exhibition stores more than 50 paintings by the eminent Kyiv artist Oleg Mishchenko. There are landscapes, still lifes, nude paintings. The artist works in realistic manner. Contemplating the exposition we can find ourselves on a summer, hot Adriatic or Mediterranean seaside. We can enter into the spirit of the artist’s impressions after summer travels and plein-airs. We can see the autumn beauty of the Carpathian Mountains, magnificent still lifes calling up warm, summer reminiscences. We can see winter landscapes that portray frosty, sunny days decorated with snow which sparkles in the sun with thousands of diamonds. Visiting the exhibition one will be able to revel in a rich palette of colours used by the author. One will be able to divert one’s attention away from grim daily routine and for a moment find oneself in a fantasy world filled with light, joy and happiness.



The artist Oleg Mishchenko is a prominent representative of contemporary realistic landscape painting. Having obtained a classical artistic education in the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture under the guidance of the brilliant landscapist, Professor V.I. Zabashta, Oleg has never been complacent. Constant creative pursuit and experiments inspire the author to continue creation of new canvases. The artist paints the majority of his works en plein-air, directly from life. Watching the play of light and shadows, the endless palette of natural colours, the artist creates new, his own stories of a new life, portraying beautiful moments on canvas.

Looking on Oleg’s paintings you feel his love to nature, landscapes, which one can enjoy infinitely.